Brooklin Lacrosse Club Unveils New Look

By Sam Laskaris

Officials with the Brooklin Lacrosse Club have unveiled the franchise’s new look.

For the time being, however, the squad, which competes in the Major Series Lacrosse (MSL), will have not one but two new logos. Both of the new marks will be used in marketing efforts and on the squad’s social media platforms going forward.

The new logos were developed by Guelph-based graphic designer Jim Brewster. He’s a former lacrosse player from the era of wooden sticks who competed at the Junior A and Junior B levels. Brewster, who goes by the handle "Sparky Chewbarky" on Twitter and, has developed hundreds of concepts through the years, loves the game of lacrosse, its history and relevance.

Dean Link, the president of the Brooklin Lacrosse Club, is rather fond of the two new logos. The club’s general manager Brad MacArthur worked with Brewster to create the new looks.

“Brad and Jim put a lot of hours and efforts into this,” Link said. It was less than a month ago the squad announced it was officially dropping the moniker Redmen and that it would for now simply be called the Brooklin Lacrosse Club.

“I think they’ve done a very good job with the little time that they’ve had,” Link said of the efforts to quickly put together new logos. “Those will be our logos for the short term and they might be incorporated for us into the long term as well.”

Though Link and other club officials are pleased with the new look, it remains to be seen what reaction others will have.
“They both look very good but we haven’t had any time to evaluate what others think,” he said.

Link added Brewster and MacArthur tossed around a number of different ideas before deciding two logos to go with.
“They worked on half a dozen styles and looks that were deserving of the history of the team and the sport,” Link said.

 The Brooklin Lacrosse Club will kick off its 2019 regular season campaign on the road on June 2 with a contest against the Cobourg Kodiaks.

Brooklin’s home opener, at the Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby, will be versus the same Kodiaks on June 5. The opening faceoff for that match is 8 p.m.