Degerdon Appointed Bench Boss of Merchants Lacrosse Club

By Mark Stehlin

Coming on the heels of the Brooklin Lacrosse Club (BLC) coaching announcement, the Merchants Lacrosse Club (MLC) needed a new head coach. General Manager, Brad MacArthur decided on giving Ryan Degerdon a shot at leading the team he, Degerdon, played for, as its new bench boss.

MacArthur said “Ryan is the right guy for the job. He was a Merchants player and captain. He’s been to the Presidents Cup and won Ontario. He’s grown up through the system and played his junior career here and has great relationships.  Through it all he understands what it takes to push guys and get them through to the next level.  Ryan jumped on the MSL bench to assist last year and I think that he was an invaluable asset to the club. The next step in his development was taking charge and having his own program. Now he has the opportunity. “

Degerdon said the offer to be head coach “was a bit of a surprise, but not really”. He said that as a former “player and captain” of the squad he understands the players and “decided that he loved” coaching particularly when it became obvious his playing days were over.  

He added that he is looking forward to “continuing the momentum” from last year’s MLC heartbreaking run in Ontario Series Lacrosse, adding the loss to Six Nations “lit a fire”. He brings “enthusiasm” to the role and added that his players have commented on “how amped up he gets before games” and he wants his charges to play with that same energy. He is determined to “bring fun to the game while expecting accountability” from those on the floor. 

Next up for MLC is a decision between MacArthur and Degerdon as to who will assume the role of assistant coaches. Degerdon reported “Brad and I have spoken, and we have a short-list” of candidates with an announcement pending in the coming weeks.