McMichael Memory - 1990 Mann Cup

Every Redmen fan remembers Scott for his tough play, and most fans also recognized Scott as a legitimately talented athlete and team leader. There is one memory that has stuck with me for the last 28 yrs though, that was strictly about how Scott was a 100% team player. That memory is Game 4 of the 1990 Mann Cup against the Vancouver Burrards.

 Wayne Colley was the star goalie for the Redmen and the 1990 Mann Cup was going to be the end of his illustrious career as a player. Having played in 6 Mann Cups prior to 1990 (winning 3 of them), Wayne had racked up a lot of assists on Mann Cup goals. In fact, coming into Game 4  Wayne had 22 assists and was 2 assists away from breaking the record for most assists from a goalie in Mann Cup history. 

So, with the Redmen having a firm stranglehold over the Burrards for the first 3 games, and a 4 game sweep seeming inevitable, Scotty took it upon himself to ensure that Wayne broke the record in his final game. I can clearly recall hearing, from the stands, Scott holler for the ball every time he came on the floor for a shift. As soon as he got the ball, he'd fire it back to Wayne who in turn passed it up to one of the many talented players who would work to score with no more than one more pass. Thanks to Scott's efforts, Wayne racked up 4 assists in Game 4, and set a new Mann Cup record for assists by goalie!

Along with his toughness, leadership and athleticism, I will always remember Scott's  role in helping a teammate set a personal record in his final game.