Austin divitcos

HT: 5'11"

WT: 175lbs

Home: Richmond Hill

NCAA: Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Jr. A: Orangeville Northmen

Minor: Markham/West Durham

Meet Redmen 1st round draft pick Austin "Auzzy" Divitcos.  This is the first in a series of several stories surrounding our 2017 protected and drafted players.

Redmen: How did you find about being drafted?

Austin: I was following the Major Series Lacrosse Draft on Twitter last Sunday afternoon.

R: What did it mean to you to be drafted into Major Series Lacrosse?

A: It was extremely humbling to be selected by the Brooklin Redmen last Sunday in the Major Series Lacrosse Draft. It is an amazing feeling knowing that all the hard work and commitment I have invested into the past five years of Junior lacrosse has paid off.

R: What did it mean to be picked by the Redmen?

A: I was beyond excited to find out that I would be returning to the Durham Region to continue my box lacrosse career with the Brooklin Redmen. It was humbling to be selected by such a world class organization that has a rich and successful lacrosse history dating back to 1966. Also, I am looking forward to be reunited with my former Team Ontario coach, Derek Keenan, and players, Connor Laird, Rylee Mckinnon, and Nick Karam.

R: How would your teammates describe you?

A: On the floor, my teammates would describe me as a player who is passionate, no-nonsense, and plays with an edge. Off the floor, my teammates would describe me as goofy and always makes the effort to talk to everyone.

R: How would your coaches describe you?

A: My coaches would describe me as a player who fully buys into the team system and comes to the rink everyday with a consistent work ethic and positive attitude.

R: You played in the Minto Cup in your final year, describe the experience.

A: In 2012, I was a rookie on the Orangeville Northmen team that won the Minto Cup. Fast-forward five years, I was competing for a Minto Cup again in Langley, British Columbia. The whole experience was great and it was professionally run by the staff members of our Orangeville Northmen. We had a strict sleeping, eating, practice, and game schedule for 9 days, and I loved every minute of it. Although it was heart-breaking to lose in overtime of game five of the finals to Coquitlam, the experience as a whole was incredible. Knowing I had the support from my parents who flew out for my last week of Junior lacrosse and friends from home watching online supporting me was the best feeling in the world.

R: What is your fondest memory of playing for West Durham Minor Lacrosse?

A: My fondest memory of playing for West Durham Minor Lacrosse was making it to the Final Six tournament during my Bantam year. It was my first year playing for West Durham and competing at the “A” level. Although we ended up losing in the Semi-Finals, it was fun playing the highest level of lacrosse against the premier players in my age group. 

R: If you could give minor lacrosse players advice, what would it be?

A: Two pieces of advice I would give minor lacrosse players are to be a great teammate and also to put in the extra work outside of scheduled practices and games to develop your skills.