Protected Player - Connor Kearnan

In our second player profile, we introduce Clarington minor lacrosse graduate, Connor Kearnan.  Kearnan, who spent time with the Green Gaels Jr. B Club and the Whitby Warriors Jr. A team is presently attending Canisius College with Redmen draft pick Holden Garlent.

What did it mean to you to be protected by the Redmen?

It was an honour to be protected by the Redmen, I grew up watching and idolizing them, always hoping I’d have the chance to play for (the Redmen). I got a little taste over the past few years being called up here and there, but it’s definitely exciting knowing I have a chance to play full time while learning from the best.

What is your fondest memory of playing minor lacrosse?

My fondest memory of minor lacrosse is probably playing the ‘A’ qualifiers each year, getting to play 6-7 games in a weekend was always something I looked forward to. Of course winning bronze at the Summer Games in Midget is something I’ll always remember.

If you could give minor lacrosse players advice, what would it be?

The dream can easily be a reality if you choose to work for it, if lacrosse is something you want to do then make sure you put your best foot forward and commit to getting better each and every day and never settle for mediocre. Also be humble and know every experience good or bad will make you both a better player and person.

How would your teammates describe you?

I think my teammates would describe me as a fun, loud guy who likes to mess around in the right moment, but is someone who would do anything for them or the team.

How would your coaches describe you?

My coaches would probably describe me as a strong competitor and hard worker who is always looking to get better as well as someone who would never put myself above the team.

Describe your game and what you bring to the team for the Redmen fans

I’d say my game is to be a goal scorer by being an off-ball guy, setting picks and getting to the middle of the floor to create chances for myself and others. I bring a lot of energy and a will to win which I hope the fans will see and appreciate.