Redmen Draft Pick - Zachary Bryant

A local draft pick, and graduate of the Clarington minor lacrosse system, Zach Bryant of the Green Gaels currently attends Robert Morris University.  Zach was taken in the 2nd round 12th overall. Here is what the Oshawa native had to say:

What did it mean to you to be drafted?

Being drafted has made me realize that all of the hard work I have put in throughout my lacrosse career is worth it.  This opportunity is a personal milestone that enables me to continue my development as a player. It is an honor to be recognized amongst such a great group of talented players in my MSL draft year.

What did it mean to be picked by the Redmen?

 I want to thank the Redmen organization for drafting me and look forward to growing my game by learning from such a strong and talented veteran group. Being selected by the Redmen is of huge importance to me because of their strong presence in the local lacrosse community and I look forward to suiting up for a team that has a long and rich lacrosse history.

How did you find about being drafted? 

I was actually playing in three field lacrosse games throughout the day of the draft (a Robert Morris scrimmage day) and did not find out about the results until later. My Dad sent me a message congratulating me on the selection and then shortly after I received a text from Brad MacArthur letting me know that the Redmen had selected me in the draft. 

What is your fondest memory of playing minor lacrosse?

Playing in the Ontario summer games for Clarington minor lacrosse and winning the bronze medal was a highlight of my minor lacrosse career. That midget team went through a lot of adversity right from the beginning of try outs that could have derailed our success. The players and coaches were all a close group that were determined to win.

 If you could give minor lacrosse players advice, what would it be?

Lacrosse is the ultimate team sport, so be a good teammate and do what you can for the success of the team. It’s not always about scoring goals and being the top player. Setting that pick that opens up a lane for your teammate to score is just as important. Also, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to be a better player, success will follow.

 How would your teammates describe you?

I think that my teammates would describe me as a person who is focused on the team and say that I am a skilled player with very deceptive speed for a big guy. They might also describe me as a quiet leader who is also fun and outgoing.

 How would your coaches describe you?

My coaches might describe me as a very coachable, hardworking and athletic player who is willing to fill any role that is asked of him.  My coaches have used me in several high pressure situations throughout my junior and collegiate lacrosse careers with high levels of success.

 Describe your game and what you bring to the team for the Redmen fans!

I utilize my strength and speed to play a solid fast paced team game and look to find the open man to create opportunities. I am aggressive on loose balls and that enables me to push up the floor quickly on transition. I play a solid team game and look to find the open man to create opportunities. I am aggressive on loose balls and that enables me to push up the floor quickly on transition.  I hope that I can add some team speed to the Redmen and fit into any role that the coaches have planned for me this season.